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Crayon Materials

The following materials will be found necessary for crayon work:

A good photographic enlargement,
Mahl stick,
Three inch magnifying glass,
Square black Conte crayon, Nos. 1, 2 and 3,
Charcoal holder for the same,
Hardmuth's black chalk points, Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5,
Holder for the same,
Box Faber's crayon points, Nos. 1, 2 and 3,
Holder for the above crayons,
Conte crayon, in wood, Nos. 0 and 1,
6 B. Faber's holder for Siberian lead pencil points,
4 H. Faber's holder with Siberian lead pencil point,
Velour crayon,
Peerless crayon sauce,
Black Conte crayon sauce, in foil,
White crayon, in wood,
Bunch of tortillon stumps,
Large grey paper stumps,
Small grey paper stumps,
The Peerless stump,
Large rubber eraser, 4 inches by 3-4 inches square, bevelled end,
Two small nigrivorine erasers,
Holder for nigrivorine erasers,
Piece of chamois skin,
Cotton batting of the best quality,
A sheet of fine emery paper,
A sharp pen knife,
One pound of pulverized pumice stone,
Mortar and pestle,
A large black apron,
Paste-board box about ten inches square and two inches deep,
Back-boards for mounting crayon paper and photographic enlargements,
Paste brush, three inches wide, to be used for starch paste or for

Experience has taught me that we cannot be too particular in giving
directions as to the materials for our work, and therefore I have
carefully included in the above list everything necessary to thoroughly
equip the student. While the magnifying glass mentioned above is not an
actual necessity, still a good one will be found very useful, as it
will often show details in the photograph which would not be discovered
by the naked eye. My male readers may at first object to so feminine an
article as an apron, but it will be found thoroughly useful, and I am
sure they will never consent to abandon it after they have once become
accustomed to wearing it.

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