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Magic Lantern Outline

This is the method I am using at present in my own free-hand crayon
work, and prefer because it does not require a negative. I use a
McAllister Magic Lantern, No. 653, with a wonder camera attachment.
This attachment enables you to make an enlargement from a cabinet or
card photograph, and to dispense with a negative. If you intend to do
very much free-hand crayon work I should advise you to get one, as it
will soon pay for itself. The lantern should be put in working
condition according to the printed directions that come with it, and
placed on your table. I use a table six feet long, sixteen inches wide,
and thirty inches high. Nail to one side of the table, four inches from
the end, a stick six feet long, one inch wide, and one-half inch thick,
using two two-inch brads. One end of the stick should rest on the
floor, care being taken that it stand perfectly perpendicular, a square
being used if necessary to secure this result. The stick will have a
length of 42 inches above the table, which will be ample for the use of
a 25 by 30 strainer. Place the strainer, with the crayon paper mounted
on it, facing outward on its bottom edge on the table and nail it fast
to the stick with two brads, letting it stand at right angles with the
edge of the table with its back towards the lantern, which is at the
other end of the table. The object of placing the strainer with the
back towards the lantern is that the image must show through the
strainer or the outline would be drawn reversed. Draw a charcoal mark
on the back of the strainer vertically through the centre, and mark the
proper distance from the top of strainer horizontally where the top of
the head should come. Now move the lantern until you have it the proper
distance from the strainer to make the head the size desired, and
afterwards focus the features sharp and distinct, using the charcoal
marks for the proper place to make the head, the vertical line coming
through the centre of the face; then, seated at the end of the table,
in front of the strainer, make a charcoal outline as in the former

Of course the magic lantern can be used for producing an outline only
at night, or in a perfectly darkened room.

The following table will prove a safe guide to follow in determining
the size of the head for bust pictures. The distance from the roots of
the hair on the forehead to the bottom of the chin should be:

For 14 by 17 inch pictures, 4 inches,
" 16 " 20 " " 4-1/2 "
" 18 " 22 " " 5 "
" 20 " 24 " " 6 "
" 22 " 27 " " 6-1/2 "
" 25 " 30 " " 7 "
" 29 " 36 " " 7 " showing the hands.

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