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Transfer Outline

For this method an enlargement made from the photograph is required,
but it needs to be an enlargement of the head only--that is, a 11x14
inch enlargement of the head will answer for a 25x30 inch crayon
portrait, and serve as a guide to work from in making the crayon.

Transparent tracing paper (made of fine tissue paper, oiled with
clarified linseed oil and then dried,) is laid on the enlarged
photograph, and the outline gone over with a soft lead pencil. The
tracing paper is then turned and its back is rubbed all over with
charcoal, when it is laid charcoal side down on the mounted crayon
paper, and carefully fastened with four thumb tacks. The lines first
made are then gone over with a sharp pointed lead pencil. When the
tracing paper is removed a perfect outline in charcoal is found to have
been made. This should then be gone over with the crayon point No. 2.
The rest of the portrait is sketched in from the original picture.

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