Passepartout Mounting

The following method will be found useful, especially if you want to

exhibit a crayon without the expense of framing it. Lay on the mounting

board a piece of heavy manilla paper somewhat larger than the picture,

then put the crayon on this face up, next the passepartout, and last

the clean glass. Mark the size of this on the paper, and then, having

removed the glass, crayon and passepartout, cut the paper enough larger

than the marks to allow it to come up one inch all around over the

edges of the glass; next dampen the paper, and apply the starch paste

to its edges about six inches all around, then lay the crayon,

passepartout and glass back where they were on the paper, and bring the

latter up, lapping it over the face of the glass; cut the corners out

so as to bring them over properly; rub the edges down thoroughly on the

glass, and with a ruler and knife trim off the paper, allowing

one-quarter of an inch margin; then set away to dry. This will put the

crayon in good condition to be exhibited, and will thoroughly protect